Sewing Circles Seamlessly

Try saying that fast three times !!  To some scrappers, stitching a perfect circle is just as difficult – but I’m going to tell you that it isn’t so.

As you can tell from many of my layouts I really love to use circles.  A circle can really pull together all the elements and provide definition .  If I want a cleaner look I forgo the patterned paper and go with sewing. I love the look of stitching , both machine and handstitching and it’s really easy – honestly ! 

stitchcloseup1   zigag

Many of you have expressed an interest in how I create my circles so I thought I’d put together a brief and hopefully informative tutorial.

I have several various sized paper templates that I use. 


I simply decide the approximate template  size and placement on the page.  I use temporary glue to hold the template in place.  I then line up the edge or middle of the guide foot on my sewing machine and keep that point against my template. 


 You can get various sizes of circles from one template depending on the position of the needle and the part of the foot that you use as a guide.

foot1 foot2

I start at a point where I can cover up the start/end point with an embellie or journaling spot etc.  That way there’s less pressure on matching the ends of the circle totally.  However, if you stitch the last inch slowly you can usually guide the needle back into the starting point


If you don’t have a machine you can always handstitch.  Use the template and a needle to create holes to stitch through.  Again, start at a point that can be covered up later.



(I have learned these from previous experience)

Check there is enough thread in your bobbin BEFORE you start to sew.  Otherwise you will wind up with a line of punched holes with no thread in.  It takes a little effort to sew through the same holes but it can be done.  Alternatively, you can remove the thread and use the punched hole circle  as a “design feature”.

If you want to handstitch a circle you can use the template and use the sewing machine without thread to create evenly spaced holes that you can stitch later.

Don’t be afraid to stitch across photos, papers and embellies – I think it adds to the layout. 

Experiment with stitching size and style before stitching on the layout.  A zig-zag line creates a wonderfully thick circles.

Here are a few examples of my stitched circle pages






2 thoughts on “Sewing Circles Seamlessly

  1. Heather, this is awesome! Thanks for such an easy tut on stitching. I’ve just learned how to use my machine, it’s always been such a hassle to handstitch, but all I’ve done so far are lines! I love this idea and am totally gonna try it!

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