Springtime – NOT!

This is not an April fool – except perhaps by Mother Nature.  It is SNOWING AGAIN!!!  We have about an inch of new snow.  April isn’t that much fun weatherwise in Alaska.  We call it breakup.The sun has been shining and the temps are up to the mid 40’s.  BUT ….  we still have so much snow we can’t do any summer activities yet.  Because the snow is melting it’s not that good for snow activities.    The existing snow is all dirty from traffic, there are potholes in the road and flooding from the melting snow. Our cars are constantly dirty from the road spray.  All the parking lots and ninor roads get slushy during the day, get ruts from the car tires, then freeze up overnight.  The next days it’s impossible to drive on.  Soon,when almost all the snow is gone we will have MUD.  Roll on summer

Here’s an Easter card I created using the new April kit from My Scrapbook Nook.


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