A Little Schizophrenic !

Normally I go through phases of scrappy styles- scrapping simple or scrapping shabby.  Yesterday I really wanted to do a simple graphic page so I created this one.

Then I started on another challenge and somhow couldn’t stop layering  and loved the softer color palatte.


7 thoughts on “A Little Schizophrenic !

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that experiments in various styles. Sometimes I’m clean and simple, and other times not so much! These are both great…I really like the photo strips in the second one.

  2. Love all that blue white space on the first page. The other looks great with those “filmstripes” and the soft feminine romantic touch. Well done =)

    hugs maja

  3. Yeah, I get you when it comes to the schizophrenic thing…
    Sometimes I don’t know WHAT my style is. I love to try many different approaches, -well, C&S is not so easy for me but I really can admire it in others…I like both the pages but my fave is the lush second one.

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