What a Weekend

On Friday I had to pick my husband up at the airport.  at our house it was snowing (really  – and not even October),  Further down the hill it was sleeting and at the botoom of the hill it was raining and the roads were flooded.  Not great driving conditions.  The next morning we woke to 7 inches of snow.  Then the sun came out for a little while and melted it down to 3 inches.

Our son decided he wanted to invite some friends over for a ‘sleepover’.  So we had ELEVEN 14 year old boys who decided they were not going to sleep at all.  They played hide and seek among the trees in the dark and the snow till 2:00 am, came back in, warmed up and chatted, wrestled, played games till 7:30 am when they went outside again,  After I fed them breakfast they played some video games and started nodding off one by one.  I was exhausted keeping track of them.

Anyway, back to normal again this morning – a new month, new challenges AND the new October kit from Back Porch Memories arrived so I can play with it – what a beautiful kit.


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