I’m Back !!

I took a bit of a break from scrapbooking recently – first we took a long trip to Ireland – no internet and no Sbing supplies there.  We then had a great sunny summer in Alaska – cycling, hiking, fishing

Then the family dynamics just started to change.  My husband now travels a lot for work and that leaves me dealing with all the kids stuff and the house.  Nathan , our 15 year old, took on extra curricular classes, has his driver’s permit, got a girlfriend, became very sociable and I seem to have been playing chauffer A LOT.  Now, wrestling is about to start too.  Lauren never stopped being social and also plays racquetball.  For some reason when I’m at my busiest I seem driven to take on major projects.  A total clean out and reorganization of our garage claimed several weeks (dh is a pack rat ), as did building my son a queensize loft bed, as did repainting the living room.  Throw in a few bookfairs, medical and vet appointments and there’s not much time left over.  Somewhere in my spare time I managed to squeeze in some racquetball and exercise for myself.

But … my SB supplies have been calling and finally I entered my Aladdin’s Cave again.  Hopefully, I’ll now get back to scrapping at least every other day again.

Here are a few cards I created for World Card Making Day challenges











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