Cool Sketches

I just discovered a wonderful sketch site – Page Drafts

I really love the look of their sketches and plan on trying a few out – here’s one page I completed

I linked this o the Paper Issues Eggs-cellent Add-ventures link party – more adventures in Irelandadreichday\

based on this sketch

CSI 2014-#1

DREICH – pronounced DREE gghhh (like you’re trying to dislodge something from the back of your throat) ; a combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty & miserable (at least 4 of these must apply before the weather is truly dreich)

In June 2014 we went hiking up the Mournes  in Northern Ireland. We walked up by the stone wall so we wouldn’t get lost. Looked great till we got up close; muddy, swampy, very wet terrain. Our feet were totally soaked through by the time we got home. Poor Lily (dog) had to be washed off in the stream – brrr!


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