Happy Mother’s Day !!

Hope everyone has a great one.  For my present my kids are going to be cleaning my car inside and out – it could definitely do with it.  Hopefully persuade them to let me take some pics too.

Here are a few pages I created in the last few weeks

this first page is a story of a driving incident earl on a dark winter morning – funny in retrospect.

Jnlg reads.”We had just purchased a second-hand truck and weren’t familiar with how it operated. Nathan had been driving it to school. Since we leave at 6:45am it’s pitch black. One morning after he started the engine it just kept revving and revving. He turned the engine off  and tried again – still revving. He reversed slowly with his foot on the brake in case it shot off. As we freewheeled down the driveway the revs increased. even further. He checked the safety brake. but we couldn’t  find out how  to release it. There was no dome light switch that we could find so Lauren used the flashlight on her iphone so we could  read the manual. We got the brake off but decided to go back to the house and take my car. We had to drive a little further to turn around. Suddenly Nathan said,”There’s no accelerator pedal” Yeah right! “Really, there’s only one pedal” He pulled over again and we got Lauren’s flashlight out again. When I first looked I saw he was right – there was no accelerator pedal. Then I checked again and realised that the rubber mat had somehow slipped up over the accelerator pedal,”hiding” it and of course the weight of the mat and Nathan’s feet on the mat was what was causing the truck to rev so badly. We finally did make it to school “


this was a page I created as GDT for BackPorchMemories


Loved the colors and chevrons of these Echo Park Papers – perfect for our days racing – my brother is SOOO competitive – he’s 50 – did he give the tweens a chance – no way – he put his foot down and lapped them ! He’s still a teen at heart







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