Busy Few Days

Not getting any scrapping done.  Our back window has been leaking and we finally got the time and weather to try and repair it.  Since our home is approx. 35 feet tall we had to rent a manlift.  AND …. while we have the manlift and the sunshine we decided to repaint the house.  I don’t mind heights but let me tell you at full extension with the platform swaying it’s pretty scary.  Anyway 3 full days painting done – hopefully one more to go.  Then I can get back to scrapping .  Hopefully there are some pics on Nathan’s phone that will prove my bravery – LOL!! then I can scrap it.

At the end of the day I’ve been trying to catch up on Wimbledon.  There’s not much interest here in Alaska so I can avoid the scores and watch the replay.  Just have to be careful not to read the running text across the bottom of the screen since it gives away the results !!  Just watched a nailbite between Jjokovic and Dmitri – what a nailbiter.


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