Another Doggy Page

Our puppy Willou has never been able to swim.  Our older dog Kona swims like an otter – so smooth and fast and can carry several sticks while swimming.  Willou wants his feet to touch bottom so his body is almost vertical, his head out of the water and his front paws go like pistons, flailing up and down.  It’s comical but I feel sorry that he can’t enjoy swimming.  PLUS, dh uses him for duck hunting – he has to retrieve any birds that are shot. So in the summer my kids try and teach Willou to improve his skills and become more comfortable swimming

I used sketch #63 from Sketch N Scrap as inspiration but I replaced the 3 banners with dots – using ink and stencil.


I also used the CSI S365-7 color challenge – I never in a million years would have selected these colors but they work really well with this photo





14 thoughts on “Another Doggy Page

  1. Goodness this is a fabulous page! Love the story behind it and the way you have adapted the sketch to suit your style. Thanks for sharing your wonderful layout with us at Sketch N Scrap. xx

  2. you know that I am a huge fan of yours and this page is just as awesome as always!!! Thanks for joining us at Sketch N Scrap!!!

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