Back To School

Nathan is a junior this year and seems to have realised that he really needs to get stuck in and work hard.  However, he still has strange sleeping and study habits – I really don;t know how he sucks in all that information but it seems to work for him.

Jnlg is on tag and reads.”Nathan you soak up knowledge from everywhere.Your daily schedule is so unusual but it seems to work for you Up at 5:30,am, exercise, school, wrestling, sleep for 4-5 hours, eat, homework on the sofa, check online for subjects of interest. And the whole time, streaming music or TV shows. Then 5 more hours of sleep. “

I also LOVE education quotes and couldn’t resist adding this one cos it just sums up Nathan’s attitude to a “T”

It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverance to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it – Jacob Bronowski

I really loved this page sketch #34.3 from page drafts.  I used the colors and requirements from Challenge at CSI 138

I used woodgrain (blue), map, grid pattern and numbers (all on paper scraps on pie chart), ruler, paper clip, tag, triangles (on piechart).  I journaled about school and learning.



I also used this page for the scrap our stash #18 challenge

(1) or more items from list A: 
Lined or ruled paper (striped paper does not count)
Chalkboard paper
Dictionary paper or a page from a book
(3) or more items from list B:
File Folder
Library Pocket and/or card
Pencil or pen
Paper Clip
Chalkboard embellishment
I used lined paper (in the piecharts) and file folder, paper clip, alphas, numbers, ruler (behind pics)

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