I Don’t Know About You…

but  sometimes I don’t like the pages I create.  Often they don’t translate well from my head to paper, or the colors are too soft or I don’t like the design.  Sometimes pages grow on me as I add little things. And sometimes I just absolutely totally LOVE the page.  That’s what happened here.  I really love this photo and it and the papers have been lying on my desk for about 2 years – I just couldn’t get the inspiration to do it justice.  When I saw this sketch at sketches 4 all everything just clicked.  I think I love it so much because it really is my basic style.  I play around with a lot of styles and techniques but my true style is bold, clean  and graphic, simple (although there are a lot of details), with a little tongue in cheek humour too.

Title: Christmas Love Truce

every year I try and take pics of the kids in Santa hats.  They cooperate to a point but while the photos come out great – warm and fuzzy and very loving the truth is slightly different.  There is a lot of hidden squeezing, pinching, tugging and messing – all in loving fun of course !!!



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