Athena aka Bean

Bean is our wild kitty.  She likes to be stroked but she’s the one who brings in mice – dead and alive, she’s the one who hides behind the chair and grabs at passersby, she’s the one who goes berserk in the middle of the night – racing round and round , up and over furniture at warp speed.

I created this page for CSI challenge 139.  I love this color scheme and the fun page drafts sketch.   I added text to a cat silhouette in PSE, then cut it out.  I also found one scrap of paper from Imaginisce from about 4 years back which I absolutely loved and it was perfect for this page – colored in.

Journaling reads,”Bean has a love/hate relationship with her catnip mouse.  She loves to lick and cuddle it but that is just a prelude to viciously attacking it with her feet and teeth,  At least it’s better that her bringing in dead mice or worse, live ones, then letting them go – bored with the chase.”

I used string, mini brads, and cat and I journaled about our pet



girl gone wild


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