Almost Halloween

we usually have a fun time at Halloween. Lots of weird and wonderful decorations, food and costumes.  However, this year, the kids aren’t really into it.  I saw a really cool thing at Walmart – it was like a half opened  zipper that you stuck to your face and some textured gel – it looked like you’d unzipped the skin and peeled it back – very gross but fun.  Lauren wasn’t having any of it – she wants to be a pussycat – B.O.R.I.N.G.  Guess I’m trying to live out my Halloween weirdness through my kids – LOL!

I found these cute pics of Lauren when she was about 2 – dressed as a little cow.  We gave the kids some sticky hands which they had a wonderful time with – slimy gel on a stretchy band that you could stick on the wall or ceiling and flick at people. OK – I love them too !!

I used sketch #92 from Let’s Capture Our Memories and turned the pics sideways.

Layout Sketch 92 by Becky Fleck




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