Sketch 105 Reveal at Let’s Capture Our Memories

For this reveal we had to create a New Year themed layout using sketch 105 – what a fun sketch.

Layout Sketch 105 - New Year's Theme by Isabelle Perreault Doucette

At the end of each year I’m always contemplative of the past year.

Nathan and Lauren have become so independent and no longer rely on me for many things.  My parent are getting older and more reliant on me which is difficult since they are 3000 miles away.  I really want to make sure that I can get quality time with both my parents and kids , interacting on a different level.

Quite often now I find that I’d love to do things but my body just plain out says “No Way!”  I hate to exercise for the sake of it but I KNOW that exercise is key to staying healthy so in 2015 I pledge to keep at my fitness routine even when I don’t want to – it will be difficult since the friend I work out with is starting a job and will no longer be able to help motivate me.

Like me, our house is getting older and definitely needs lots of major attention – painting, refinishing the wood floor, general organising AND we’re still trying to finish up on my MIL’s home too.

So – my page talks about these three resolutions for 2015.  Now that I’ve stated it on my blog perhaps I’ll be more motivated to keep at it.

I loved the Teresa Collins clock transparency and wanted to use it as the base of my page but in retrospect I think I should have done a plainer background.  Oh well – live and learn.



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