When it gets hot here in the summer we leave the sliding glass doors open to get a bit of a breeze.  Of course the cats then bring in entertainment!!  I was working at the computer when I suddenly became aware that the two cats and dog were circling a chair and staring intently underneath.  Of course it was a shrew.  Our resident shrew and bird catcher, dd Lauren, quickly got to work and captured it and removed from the house. Sometimes it has benefits.  Once, the shrew disappeared under the sofa and was nowhere to be seen.  As we searched under the cushions etc we did find a lot of rubbish which Lauren was assigned to clean out, then she vacuumed the floor under the sofa too but still no shrew.  We finally found it, still alive, under the rug.

Today, I’d like to share a page with you from the July edition of Scrapbook Generation’s CREATE magazine.  There are lots of inspiring suggestions for ways to use stencils in this edition



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