I’m a Hunting Widow

Dan is currently off hunting moose .  Last week they went duck hunting but it was too wet and they didn’t get anything.  When they bird hunt they often lie in the fields and cover themselves with straw,plant a few decoys and lie in wait,  sometimes for hours,  When the birds land, they then leap up and shoot (at least that’s the idea – quite often they’re snoozing when the birds land). This page shows a photo of Dan sitting in a camouflaged chair, wearing camouflage gear – guess it works pretty good since it’s hard to make out in the photo.

Did you ever have a page where everything just comes together perfectly – well – this isn’t one of them!!!  From beginning to end I made mistakes and had to improvise and adjust.Oh well.  I used the new leaf cutfiles from  thecutShoppe. I used Simple Stories papers and also some of the packaging for the leaves. This yellow was my least favorite from the Simple Stories package but it went really well with the photos

I linked this to the Paper Issues How ’bout Them Apples link partyhellofall

Seems like all my photos recently have been slightly blurred or definitely with no sharp definition – may have to check out a new camera.


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