Am I Crazy?

October is our busiest time of the year – parent/teacher conferences, book fairs, fall cleaning, sports start up and ending, preparing for winter and Halloween, Scrapbook projects due.  And in the middle of all that we’re having a bonfire party – actually it really motivates me to do the Fall cleaning when I know we’ll have people over!! We’ll have 20-25 teenagers running around in the dark – at least there’s no snow forecast – usually we have lots of snow by this time of year.

Dan’s hunting season is almost over – here’s a page of him having a little nap on his 4-wheeler after a hard day’s scoping out animals!!

The page is inspired by a Boys Rule September sketch

9 September 15 2015 - Boys Rule LWD



2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?

  1. Hi Heather! It’s MTCanuk (Leslee) visiting from ACOT. Beautiful layout. The frame created from twine is awesome! By the way, I love your state of Alaska!

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