Too Many Pics !!

OK – I admit I have way too many photos and at one point long ago they were organised but now they’re everywhere and I have multiple copies.  HOWEVER, I bought a copy of Adobe PSE 14 in the black Friday sale  Looks like it has lots of wonderful features but it also has a pretty cool organizer.  Over the last few days I’ve been figuring out how to use it and started organizing some of my pics.  I think it will take a long time but once it’s set up it will be quick to find specific photos.  Right now it could take me hours to find what I’m looking for.

So – I scrapped a very recent photo of Nathan in the pool on vacation.  He’s actually throwing leaves and water at me to let me know he doesn’t want his picture taken !



4 thoughts on “Too Many Pics !!

  1. I love this layout. I love that you used blue to stick with the pool/water theme but used non-themed embellishments. Love the background paper, and I would have never thought to use this type of backgroud with these photos, but it works wonderfully

  2. Sounds like a neat program. I am in a world of mess with my photos. I love your Layout. The Blues, the design everything! Looks like you got your photo even though Nathan did not want taken!

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