Scary Quake Last Night

We were woken at 1:0 am with what felt like a normal earthquake – lots of noise and vibration.  At first we just lay in bed waiting for it to be over but it kept going … and going .. and going.  Then it stopped briefly and hit again almost immediately with a large swaying – the cupboard doors started slamming and a few items fell.  At that point I thought this was it – our turn for the big one.  We leapt out of bed and stood under the doorway. The cats were racing around. Fortunately it stopped but my heart was racing – took a while for sleep to return.

On the other hand there is plenty of great things about Alaska.  Here’s a page I created of the view from our front door. There are always amazing skies and the twinkling lights of the city below.

Note: the b/g ‘paper’ is actually cardstock covered with metallic silver polka dot vellum



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