All Change !!

Nathan’s last day of school was Friday and he’ll be graduating next Thursday.  Our friends are moving house, Lauren and I are heading to Ireland to visit our family for 4 weeks, Dan is working on the boat to ensure it’s sea-worthy for fishing and cleaning the weeds from the vegetable patch to plant new seeds. Summer is here – we’ve dusted off the bicycles and tennis balls. SO – not much time for scrapping.  I did create two memorial pages for Bean who we still miss.  This is the first and features a Cut Mania title – I did go back and change the font on the cut file but it’s very similar





2 thoughts on “All Change !!

  1. Wow Heather! YEs so much Change. Enjoy your time in Ireland. That is one of my dream trips to take. Congratulations to your son~ Enjoy your time out doors and with your family.

  2. Very sweet tribute page. Hugs on you still missing Bean. Your page is beautiful with all the frames. Congrats to your son and safe travels for you and your daughter!

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